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Funny In A Dark Place

(This was originally written and posted 8/28/2012)

It’s easy to laugh when life is wonderful.What about those other times?

A few days after my dad died I was in the office of the funeral director alongside my three brothers. We wanted to cremate dad, but gramma wanted to bury her son and we were not going to deny her anything. So as we sat there looking at catalogs of caskets and floral arrangements we were all pretty somber. Then the sweet little funeral director left us to talk amongst ourselves so we might come to a decision about what we want for dad’s funeral. We sat there awhile just numb. This was our dad we were burying. He was our hero. He was our compass, our true north, our measure of a man, our everything. We were feeble as we sat there mindlessly thumbing through page after page.

Then I had a thought. A thought I should have held onto a little bit instead of shooting it out of my piehole as it came to me.

“What if we cut dad in half and cremate one half and bury the other hal…

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